Vanity Fair France Interview

Vanity Fair France tweeted this quick but entertaining interview with Gaspard:

Here is the translation of the questions and a very shortened version of Gaspard’s answers:

  • Which actress did you enjoy shooting with the most? – Marion Cotillard […]
  • Which actress do you dream of working with? – No, I’m in fact not able to choose one. 
  • The role that haunted you the most after shooting a film? – Saint Laurent […]
  • The role that demanded the biggest physical transformation from you?Saint Laurent […]
  • The greatest challenge you’ve come across during shooting a film? – [He describes a scene from “Tu honoreras ta mère et ta mère” where he had to sing a song in Arabic.]
  • Your worst audition? – I was very young, it was for a film I didn’t get chosen for in the end. They told me “I would like you to cry and little by little break out into crazy laughter.”
  • Does one have to be a good liar to be a good actor?  – It was Cocteau who said “Cinema is a lie that tells the truth.” So in the end the actor is a liar. 

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