“Un peuple et son roi” Update

The historical period drama “Un peuple et son roi” is expected to hit French theaters on September 19, 2018.

Gaspard talks a little about his character Basile in this short clip (France 2):


Introducing “Calls”

Introducing “Calls”

Gaspard is going to be part of a TV show: “Calls” by Canal+.

It seems like we can expect a very unique project since the series will purely consist of voice-overs: recordings that tell the story of tragic events.

The material sounds quite dark but also very interesting and is going to be presented by an impressive cast:


You can visit the official Facebook page for “Calls” here.

Teaser for “Ordalie”

Have you ever seen the short film “Mes Amours Decomposé(e)s” with Gaspard as a dead body? The director of said film (Sacha Barbin) worked with Gaspard again for another short called “Ordalie”.

Here is a teaser:

I’ve also added 2 stills to the gallery:

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Gaspard on TV

The Franco-German TV Network ARTE is going to produce a mini series (4 x 52 minutes) including Gaspard. Depending on which sources you want to believe, the title is either “Il était une deuxième fois” or “Il était une seconde fois.”

Guillaume Nicloux has been chosen to direct the show that you’ll be able to watch in 2018. I’ll keep you informed!

Back to 1789: “Un peuple et son roi”

Gaspard is going to be in director Pierre Schoeller’s next film “Un peuple et son roi” which is set to be released in 2018. The cast also includes Louis Garrel, Laurent Lafitte, Adèle Haenel, and Olivier Gourmet.

CINEUROPA – The storyline of the movie, written by the director himself, begins in 1789. The people have started revolting. We’d better listen to them, as they have things to say. Un peuple et son roi crosses the destinies of the men and women of the population, and those of historical figures. Their meeting place is the newly founded National Assembly. At the heart of the story lie the fate of the king and the birth of the French Republic… 

The French Revolution + period costumes + Gaspard… I don’t know about you guys, but I am VERY excited about this!