Isabelle Huppert Calls Gaspard “Sharp and Sensitive”

Isabelle Huppert describes Gaspard as a “formidable actor” that she enjoys working with in this French radio interview for Europe 1:

Since yesterday you can see both of them in “Eva” if you live in France or Belgium.

Xavier Dolan about Gaspard

I have a little treat for my French speaking visitors in the form of Xavier Dolan praising Gaspard at the César Awards: 

Dolan describes Gaspard as extremely intelligent and lists many more positive characteristics before he adds, “In fact, I’m in love with him.”

I’m still super happy that Dolan asked Gaspard to join “Juste la fin du monde” and I hope the fact that they think so well of each other encourages them to work together again someday!

(P.S. February 2018: Unfortunately, the video is no longer online. Feel free to leave a comment if you happen to find an alternative link.)