Gallery Update: Monsieur de Chanel

Gaspard has been interviewed for the Russian paper Kommersant in February. The scan that I added to the gallery doesn’t show the complete interview, but you can read the rest of it here.

The Russian version of L’Officiel Hommes has also featured Gaspard as the face of Chanel’s new watch in their March issue.

On top of that, I was able to feed the gallery with more photos from Gaspard’s Monsieur de Chanel shooting. You should take another look at the pictures that you might already know as well because I replaced a couple of them with HQs!

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“Gaspard Ulliel Takes His Own Time”

“Gaspard Ulliel Takes His Own Time”

Earlier this month, Debonair Magazine released an interview with Gaspard to introduce him as the ambassador for the “Monsieur de Chanel” watch.

DEBONAIR – Gaspard Ulliel just won the award of his life — onscreen, he’s just added the César to his mantle piece; off-screen, he’s the face of the first Monsieur de Chanel watch

He’s a casting director’s dream. Tall, muscular, handsome, boasting boyishly good looks, Gaspard Ulliel had his pick of roles as lead protagonist in romantic comedies. Luckily his highly expressive, intelligent and curious nature saw him turn down many of them, throwing things wide open for the Frenchman.

He had a modest start, aged 12, in made-for-TV movies in France and two decades later, Ulliel has built the sort of CV not even the most intuitive critic could have predicted, least of all the actor himself. Now, 32, he has already worked with Gus Van Sant (Paris, Je t’aime), taken on Anthony Hopkins’ career-defining role as Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal Rising), and brought fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent to life in Bertrand Bonello’s biopic Saint Laurent.

Maybe it’s his strong physique, which, when complimented, reveals a dimple that dents his left cheek, or maybe it’s the Monsieur de Chanel watch on his thick wrist, the maison’s first watch for men, but hearts race when Ulliel enters a room.

He undoes the watch to show off the underside and it’s clear — brand ambassador or not, Ulliel has a passion for much more than acting. It’s transparent and we can see the mechanism. “It’s like a beating heart, don’t you think?” he asks.

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“Monsieur Ulliel” on the Cover of L’Optimum Thailand

“Monsieur Ulliel” on the Cover of L’Optimum Thailand

Gaspard was chosen to grace the April 2017 cover of L’Optimum Thailand. Unfortunately, I could not find any more scans of the magazine so far, but maybe I will be able to add them later this month. You can check out the cover and the banner from the L’Optimum homepage in the gallery: