More “Calls”

More “Calls”

Gaspard has voiced a character (Thomas) for the 9th episode of “Calls” – a French TV show without images.

Interested in the making-of? Check this out:

You can find more clips on the official Facebook page for “Calls”.

I’ve added photos from behind the scenes to the gallery:

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Let me end this short post with a little reminder that Gaspard will return to television later this year for a different series. I’ll keep you updated!

Introducing “Calls”

Introducing “Calls”

Gaspard is going to be part of a TV show: “Calls” by Canal+.

It seems like we can expect a very unique project since the series will purely consist of voice-overs: recordings that tell the story of tragic events.

The material sounds quite dark but also very interesting and is going to be presented by an impressive cast:


You can visit the official Facebook page for “Calls” here.