“Eva” at the Berlinale

“Eva” at the Berlinale

Yesterday, Gaspard attended the 68th Berlin Film Festival to present the thriller “Eva” together with his co-stars (Isabelle Huppert, Julia Roy) and director Benoît Jacquot.

In case you missed the live-streamings of the event, you can still watch everything on the official Berlinale homepage:

Here is also a short red carpet interview (in English):

I’ve already added Gaspard’s official festival portrait to the gallery, but you can expect more photos to come soon:

Unfortunately, “Eva” has not received very good reviews so far. The majority of critics don’t seem to have anything negative to say about Gaspard’s performance, though:

VARIETY – Ultimately, then, the chief reward of “Eva” lies in watching Huppert and Ulliel — both treated with the rapt, silky devotion they deserve by cinematographer Julien Hirsch and costume designer Marielle Robaut — mutually assembling kinked, jagged character studies from too few puzzle pieces, coloring the ones they have with extra-dark curiosity to compensate. If their individual portraits never quite emulsify into a cohesive human bond, that’s probably the point, though it’d be nice to see more filmmakers play with their prickly chemistry together. Born 30 years apart, the actors play off each other as pleasantly surprising equals: “I don’t know and I don’t care,” Bertrand says when the question of Eva’s age is fleetingly raised. Try running that line past a Hollywood producer; for all its flaws, “Eva’s” shruggingly adult Frenchness is a pleasure in itself.

SCREEN DAILY – With Huppert on autopilot, the film’s ace card is the wolfish Ulliel as an unsympathetic, self-regarding anti-hero; yet with worldly success and its possible loss as the only real stakes in the drama, it becomes increasingly hard to care about what happens to anyone here. Still, on the plus side, Julia Gregory’s abrupt editing style gives Eva a rhythm that’s decidedly not by the book.

“Eva” is scheduled to hit (French) theaters on March 7, 2018.

Introducing “Eva”

The shooting of “Eva”, a drama based on the novel “Eve” by James Hadley Chase, started last month. The story focuses on a playwright and a mysterious woman who meet each other in a chalet during a snowstorm. (IMDb) The film is written and directed by Benoît Jacquot.

Gaspard stars opposite Isabelle Huppert who is currently nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Actress in a Leading Role” category.

“Eva” is not the first project to bring them together as co-stars; Huppert played the mother of Gaspard’s character in “Un barrage contre le Pacifique” (2008) aka “The Sea Wall”.


Gaspard and actor Richard Berry on the set of Eva (@RichardBerry)